Lesbian Jewish-Hindu Wedding 

This is both gorgeous and adorable.

This makes my heart melt. 


twinkle lights for an evening wedding idea


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The best engagement rings are the ones that hold significance. Japan-based Torafu Architects coated a ring in a thin layer of silver that rubs off over time to reveal an 18-karat, gold wedding band beneath. By wearing each ring, the time shared between two people can thus be physically seen, in order to remind them of how beautiful and strong long-lasting love can truly become as time passes.

This makes me so happy

» How to Address Wedding Invitations


You may have finalized the guest list, but that doesn’t mean your wedding work is done. (But you’re so close!) Sending the invitations sounds like a hassle-free to-do (off to the calligrapher they go!), but now’s not the time to slack-off. You need to make sure those formal invitations are…


Potion Bottles and Heart Containers from Save on Crafts

Rings, Wine Glasses, Rupees, are from Etsy

Heart Pieces from Arda’s PixelSmithy (Platinum and Gold)

Treasure Box, Pendants of Virture, and Lanturn from Hobby Lobby

Banners, Runners, and everything else is put together by hotarulilac and beldaran.


oh so lovely.

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